Sunday, 23 February 2014

Olympic Hangover

Well the Olympics are over and we are back to our regularly scheduled lives. I love the Olympics, for 2 weeks I get to watch sports I usually would not watch and to quote Jim MacKay of ABC Sports to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, the human drama of athletic competition.  I loved reading my FB friends updates how the Olympics were influence their children to work harder and dream bigger, to practice more and to want to try new things.  

Canada is a nation of hockey lovers, the country almost shut down for the women's final and the men's semi final and final game.  This was a popular post on Facebook and Twitter and was so true. 

I have been training during this period with some success and more then a few set backs, I have been sick twice since the Goofy, first the flu then a nasty cold and it has taken its toll.  I have had way too much work to do as well, it is the start of my busy season and with 2 businesses and a family, time is tight.  I have been thinking a lot about why I do this, why I push myself so hard, am I running away from something or running towards something, WHY?  

I run because it makes me feel good, usually, I swim because I love to swim, even though my swimming sucks at the moment, I cycle because it is middle and longest part of a triathlon and so I have too.  I think I have been struggling to find my passion since Goofy, I know it is in there, I just need dig it out of that snow bank it's hiding under.  I know once the snow starts to melt and spring comes, I will find my passion again, let's just say it is hibernating right now.  

I did a fun run yesterday and I had FUN!!! It was a small run, maybe 30 people and a lot of families.  It was so great to see the kids run, to see the joy they had to run fast.  At first I was chasing them and they were way ahead but eventually they ran out of speed and I kept on going.  As I ran I knew I had the endurance and if I just kept going I would catch up.  As that thought came to me I realized all my hard work had changed me as a runner, I was confident in my ability and my running, it was a wonderful feeling.  

Running has changed me, it has shaped me physically and emotionally and I am grateful for that. I am now a person who sets goals, who believes in myself and my abilities and I have done things I never though possible.  Finally it dawned on me, this is why I run...