Sunday, 2 October 2016

October WHAT???

I cannot believe it is October, where did September go?  I am deep into Dopey training and work is crazy and time is flying by.  I will update on a few things...I did the Army Run but it was not a good day, it was hot and humid and I decided to turn it into a training run after 5k.  Sometimes it is hard to dial a race back but on that day, my body was not responding well and I have other things coming up so I forced myself to slow down and turn it into a training run.  At 8k, I kissed my hubby goodbye and sent him on his way and ran under 140bpm for the rest of the way.  I will get another chance to go for a sub 2 hour half and if it never happens that is OK as well.

Dopey is 13 weeks away and the mileage is getting longer and the odd muscle twinge is happening but it is OK, generally.  I have a half marathon on Oct 15th for fun with some girlfriends but generally it is wake, work, run, repeat.  I need to find time for swimming and biking, it is hard at the moment but I will do it because it is important to me.

I started a 6 week nutrition program today, I did it in January and it was great and I need to hear the lessons again because they did not stick.  Today instead of doing more work or cleaning the house I went grocery shopping and did a big batch of meal prep.  When life gets busy, I don't have time to plan and my eating gets lazy and I grab the wrong stuff.  I know better, I want to do better and I deserve to do better.  Today I made lunches for hubby and I, some breakfasts and soup, lots of soup.  I know that in order to feel better and train better I need to eat better, it takes time and effort but I am worth it.  I think that is important, to remember I am worth it and putting myself on the list is not selfish, it is necessary.  I train because I am worth it, I work because I enjoy it and I need to eat better so I can do both of those better.