Sunday, 13 March 2016

Learning to Pivot

So I co-own a communication and I have learned a lot in the last few years, it was a totally new world for me.  One of the concepts I learned about was pivoting, Eric Ries, the creator of the Lean Startup methodology says pivots imply keeping one foot firmly in place as you shift the other in a new direction. We do it in communications when the message is not being received the way we intended it to be or not having the desired results. When I did my triathlon coaching class it was clear that coaching was not just giving someone a schedule but making changes when things are not working, pivoting if you will.  You keep one foot firmly planted with your goals but change direction with the training if it is not working.  I have a full time job, another company I own doing bookkeeping and taxes so this is my busy season, I start teaching a 10k clinic this week and my training; my training is getting the short straw and I am not doing it.

I am a type A, goal orientated person so admitting defeat does not come easy but I ended this week totally exhausted and miserable, it is time to pivot.  I need to fit in at least 3-4 swims, 4 runs, 3 bike workouts, 2 strength training sessions and 2 yoga classes into my plan. that is 14-15 workouts plus work and doing taxes and having some sort of a life, I need more time.  Since I can't get more time I need to change the way I think of my training.  I think that I have high expectations for myself and I over-schedule my life and then I get sad/frustrated when I can't do it all.  It is hard coming off a year of intense training and being satisfied with doing less, I feel like I am lazy and unfocused.  It is also hard that I am coaching myself, I don't have another perspective on things and I tend to be way too hard on myself.

I said yes to the 10k clinic as it would keep me accountable to my running, I have to run 3 days a week for the clinic and I can run to and from the Running Room to get in extra distance when I need it, I just need to fit in some speed work in a fun way so I actually do it.  I swim in the morning before work three days a week , I just need to find time to get a long swim in or give up one morning before work to fit in another workout, like cycling.  Cycling, my worst leg in triathlon and the one that needs the most work and the one I ignore the most.  I need to spend more time on it, not less but we often avoid the stuff we do not like, I will drop a spinning class like a hot rock given the chance.  I have to say the same with strength training but I have hired a trainer one day a week so I only have to do one on my own.

I don't have the answers yet but I am working on it, I think I need to look at things differently, maybe a 9 or 10 day training cycle not a 7 day cycle until the end of tax season and then I can re-evaluate in July.  I know I can't fit it all in as it is right now, I know work will be crazy for the next few months and I have to accept that and I need to fit my training around it and still have a bit of fun.  I have decided that my time goals for my upcoming races are not a priority, finishing upright and smiling will be my goal and to have some fun, I am missing the fun.

Anyway, I will embrace the challenge, try to pivot and keep moving forward because that is all I can do right now.