Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's a Capital Idea

It's race weekend in the Capital, one of my favorite weekends in Ottawa, second only to Canada Day.  42,000 runner unite for an extraordinary weekend of fun and fitness.  Most of the other runs I have been to have all the events on one day but not Ottawa.  The 5 and 10 K runs are Saturday night and the half and full marathon the next day.  I have participated in 5 Ottawa Race weekends, 4 times running/walking the 5k and once walking the half marathon.  Running on Saturday afternoon takes a bit of getting use too, it's usually hot and sunny, not my favorite conditions and it is really crowded.

I debated long and hard before I registered this year but I could not miss it and registered for the 5k again.  After last weekends hard run in Halifax, I am just going to enjoy the run, take in the atmosphere and be in the moment; no music, no Garmin, no expectations, just the pure joy of running, me and the crowds.  Tonight is not about personal bests, speed or time, it's about living in the moment and stopping to smell the roses while you can.

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