Saturday, 28 July 2012

Never Give Up-When You Believe

By this time next week, I will have finished my first sprint triathlon, fingers crossed.  This has been a long hard 7 weeks, I am looking forward to it being done.  I have learned that you train to race, not race to train and race day is totally different.  Check you ego and expectations at the door, do the best you can and aim to finish, anything else is a bonus.  This is especially true for your first race at a new event or distance, whatever you do will be a PB so don't worry and have fun.    I am a recreational runner and triathlete (I hope) and that is good enough for me. I might never qualify for Boston or Kona, I might never finish first in my age group, I might even finish last (and probably will next week) and that is OK. As long as I enjoy the journey and my body can handle the training, I will keep going, slowly going forward to new events, new distances, new goals... I will never give up because I believe.

"When You Believe" Music & Lyrics by Ken Ward

It's a long road and we each must find our way
set our fears aside and take a chance
and so it goes, in every generation
it's the strong that rise above their circumstance

When you believe in your mind and in your heart
it's there and then you start to set your course
When you believe you hold on forever,
to the dream that sets you free and makes you soar
Eventually, you will your destiny, when you believe

And when the odds say you will fall, 
but you face that uncertainty
With unrelenting will so strong, 
you go where you've never gone
and in that moment a hero dawns, when you believe

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