Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues

Week 3 of the calf muscle saga and I am feeling blue.  I have one or two good days and then the muscle seizes up again and I can't run.  I head back to see my chiropractor and I am good for a few more days but come on....I WANT TO RUN!  I know you do not get what you want in life, you get what you need and I am trying to stay positive but my next half marathon is in 8 weeks and I have a 5K race next Saturday.  I am wondering if swimming is the cause, not the running, I will have to ask Steve about that tomorrow.  My calf muscle was fine until after yesterdays killer swim practice but what ever the cause is, I need to fix it...soon.  I have been really lucky with my training, no big injuries to keep me sidelined for too long so this is terrible.  A few years ago, I would be happy for any excuse not to run but now it's a part of my life and I miss it.   

I remember reading in Shut Up and Run that there are 5 stages of  injury, I think I am in the bargaining phase, I just want to get this sorted out in enough time to train for my half marathon, I need about 6 weeks and I am running out of time!  I need to breath, get treatment, not push it and let the universe take its course. I know I can walk the half marathon if I need too but I would rather run it but either way I am not letting Team Diabetes down, I will be there ready to walk, run or crawl if I need too.  

I have learned that exercise is now part of my life, I need to do it and I really miss it...being injured sucks!

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