Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Keep Calm and Triathlon

I can not believe it is the end of July. where did the month go....oh, maybe it went the same place as the summer heat.  I am enjoying the cooler temperatures for training and sleeping but a bit more heat during the day would be nice.  I was very happy it was cool on Friday when I did my longest brick workout, a 75k bike ride and a 12k run.  When I got my schedule from my new coach at the beginning of the month, I laughed, I would never be able to do that.  Well, I was wrong, I did it and I had fun doing it.  Neale rode the bike portion with me and rode beside me as I ran, I was glad to have him with me even though he is not very chatty.  It was my hardest workout and I was happy and tired when I was done.  It was the first time I actually though I might be able to do my Half Ironman at the end of August, it was such a good feeling.   On Sunday I ran 21K with my marathon group, it was a hard run, my legs were sore and I was happy to have my biggest training week behind me.  

me after my workout on Friday

Yesterday I got my August schedule, good thing I had fun doing this workout the first time because I have to do it twice more in August!  This Saturday is my Olympic Tri but next weekend I get to do an 80K bike ride and 90 min run Friday and a 100K bike ride Sunday.  The next weekend I do a 75K bike ride and 90 min run on Friday and a 30 km run on Saturday. This time I looked at it and shrugged, I did it once, I can do it again and again and then again on race day, no problem...what a difference a month makes. 

I love my new coach, I get regular feedback, a sounding board when I have questions and someone who responds to my needs.  I had to re-arrange some things during the month and I was worried how that would be received.  I was happy to learn it was not a problem and I took that as a great sign.  This month I am volunteering at a few events, I have 2 races and other general busyness that makes up life and coach put it all together into a schedule. I do not have to think about, I just have to execute it, I love that it is one less thing I have to worry about. I let coach worry about the details and getting me to race day, I worry about my body and food to keep me in tip top shape to follow the plan.  

Next up, the National Capital Olympic Tri on Saturday.  Last year this was the same race I got my first DNF due to a flat tire at my first triathlon. Tomorrow night I am learning how to change a flat tire so history will not repeat itself.  I am hoping for little rain this week or the river will get red flagged and I will have to make a decision about turning my triathlon into a duathlon. Whatever happens I will keep moving forward, keep having fun and I will report back next week.  

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  1. Go, Allyson. We need to run or ride together so that I can learn from you.