Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Goofy race recap Part 1

Well I am back and to jump to the end...I DID IT!!!!!!  Since this is a 2 day race, I will do a 2 part race recap, so settle back for the start of the story.

So most of Canada was stuck in a polar vortex last week and flights were being cancelled everyday, we began to wonder if we would actually make it to Orlando.  Most of our friends suffered through delayed or cancelled flights but by the time we headed out Thursday afternoon it was smooth sailing...or rather flying. We arrived in Orlando on time and hopped on the Magical Express to out hotel, Caribbean Beach Resort.  It was nice to be in the heat again and Disney made the experience so easy.  Friday was kit pickup day and the Expo.  I love runDisney events, they are so well organized and there is no lineups and we had our bibs and t-shirts in less then 5 mins.  A quick stop for photos and we were off to the Expo.

Neale and I with flat Goofy
Runners shopping heaven
I did a bit of shopping and then we met up with my Mom for you guessed it...more shopping.  A trip to the Premiere Outlet Mall was a nice way to spend the day.  We headed back to the hotel early to get ready for the Half Marathon.  We needed to get up real early, middle of the night early...who thought this was a good idea. I got dressed and met Lori and Barbara for the run.  Lori was running the Dopey and Barbara the Goofy with me.  
0 dark stupid- a Goofy time to get up
Barbara, Lori and I ready to run
We ran as fairies for our half marathon, so many people ran in costume, we fit right in. It was hot and humid, you could see the humidity in the air as the sun rose.  We lost Barbara at the first photo op, foreshadowing maybe but we quickly re-grouped and ran into the Magic Kingdom. It was fun to run under Cinderella's castle and through the park.  Did I mention it was humid, it was like running in a sauna.  

Neale and I in front of Cinderella's castle
We had a great time running, it was really crowded in places and slow going but it was fun.  I enjoy people watching during races and there were lots of fun costumes to look at.  I had a great time running with Lori and Barbara, even after all the km we have run together, we never run out of things to say.   Finally we made it back to Epcot and the finish line was close.
Near the finish line at Epcot
 Lori, Barbara and I crossed the finish line together, hand in hand.  We were not doing this race for time but for fun and I had a blast. We took it slow and easy since we had to run a marathon the next day.  I felt great after the race, hot and sweaty but great.  
We finished!
We gathered out bling, our Goofy bracelet and our snacks and headed out to find Neale and Lori's husband Darryl.  Poor Neale was hurting after his run, he was not sure if he would be able to run the next day.  
Neale icing his Achilles
Lori and Darryl- 3 out of 4 races complete
We headed back to the hotel to rest and relax so we would be ready for the marathon the next day.  The weather channel said it would be cooler and I hoped it would be since running a marathon in that humidity would be awful.  Another early dreams filled with thoughts of Minnie, Mickey and Goofy. 

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