Monday, 29 September 2014

Army Run

So two years ago I ran the Army Run half marathon for the first time and as my first half marathon.  I was suppose to run it with my friend Roy but he had foot problems and I ran it alone. This year I signed up again to run the half and my friend Roy signed up to do the 5K.  Finally we would get to do this race together, different events but together.  Roy, Cindy and her husband Paul were come for the race, Cindy to run the half and Paul and Roy to do the 5K.   It was a long drive for a weekend but they were excited to do it and I was excited to have them stay. They arrived late Friday night and Saturday we went to the expo and did some sightseeing around Parliament Hill and the Market.

Roy, Cindy, Paul and I at the Expo
Roy and I before the race 

Race day started wet as it rained all night and we were worried about the weather for the race. Luckily it was clear for the 5k and and Roy and Paul had great weather for the race.  Paul had a great first 5k and Roy walked his 5k with a smile on his face.  Finally it was time for the half marathon and it started off clear but I knew rain was on it's way, the question was when.  It started to drizzle around the 8k mark and by the time I got to the Governor General's residence it was a downpour.  The last 5k was miserable, I was wet and cold but I knew the end was near so I kept on running, slowing down a bit but still under my marathon race pace which was my goal. For the third year in a row, just as I crossed Pretoria bridge, "Son't Stop Believing" by Journey came through my headphones, it seems to be my theme song for this race and I love running down to the canal listening to it.  Finally I finished, received my medal from a soldier, all I wanted was to get warm and dry, time to find the others.  

Cindy and Paul after the race, wet but happy
Finally home, showered, warm and dry we had our victory pizza and beverages.  We were all happy with the day, Cindy got a PB, I managed to run it under the pace I wanted and Paul and Roy had great 5K races.  I started the summer running a 5K with Roy and Cindy in NS and it was fitting we ended the summer running together again.  Roy and I finally did the race together, not exactly the way we planned but that did not matter, every runner has a different journey but we all cross the same two lines, the start line and the finish line and I was proud to do that with my friends.

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