Sunday, 8 February 2015

I Want a Do Over

Good morning from snowy Ottawa.  We are having a blizzard today so we have opted for running on the treadmill at home.  Two runners, one treadmill means waiting your turn and since Neale has the longer run, he is going first.  This sort of sums up my week, my first week of IM training, well in mind anyway my coach may not agree.  In my mind I had mid November and December as my off season, January as my build up month and February was to be the start of IMMT training.  

I had a great vacation and was ready to get to it, 13K run on Sunday and Tuesday started well, swim practice and I was looking forward to spinning and yoga in the evening.  Unfortunately, Neale decided to share his cold with me and I started to feel worse as the day went on.  I decided to go to spinning but skipped yoga as my runny nose would not be appreciated in the hot room and the constant sniffling might be annoying.  By Wednesday morning I felt terrible and I missed my speed workout...and then swimming on Thursday morning and spinning Thursday night.  My strong start was crumbling, week one was a bust and I want a do over.  I managed to get back on track by the weekend and had a great double spin class on Saturday followed by a 3K run and today I will do my 16K run.   

So next week will be WEEK ONE 2.0 and I will take my frustrations from last week and channel them into this weeks training. 

IMMT is 189 days away and I plan on making every one count, there will be set backs, there will be good workouts and bad workouts but whatever happens, I will get day, one workout at a time.

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