Monday, 29 June 2015

Too little time, too much to do

Sorry I have been quiet, I have been training, working 2 business and then a weeks vacation in Vermont.  It has been crazy, tax filing deadlines for clients, lots of work in the other company plus renovations and Ironman training means I have had little time for anything else.  I sure needed my vacation, we trained, we relaxed and spent time together, I read lots of books and I got to spend time with a friend who I met on Facebook.
Michelle and I before our long ride
We were trying to remember how we connected, might have been a comment about having sons or about a race but whatever it was we had a connection and have been chatting online since. We spent an hour together in Ottawa in April but that was it until last week.  I love my Facebook groups, I belong to several tri focused groups and they are a great source of support and info.  Sometimes we have drama but usually it is a great safe place.  I have made some great friends in these groups, some I have met and some I still need too soon.

Anyway, as I said I have done lots of training, I did about 705 km of swimming, biking and running in June with a few days to go and a few workouts not on the Garmin.   I have loved my time on the bike, I am getting faster, not fast enough yet but it is getting there.  We went to Tremblant one Sunday and did 80K on the course, it was great for the confidence.  Yes, Duplessis still sucks but it was better then before, even the second time.  I will head out there twice more in July and will cover more of the course and of course extra loops of Duplessis so I know every bump and groove and terrible hill.

I have a 70.3 in 2 week in Geneva NY and I am looking forward to it.  It will be a great dress rehearsal for the big dance on Aug 16th.  I still can't quite wrap my mind around doing IMMT, swimming, biking and running for almost 17 hours, it seems so long.  I am just looking at each part and making sure I can do each in the required time.  My biggest worry is making the bike cut off, once I get off the bike, I will be happier.  Yes I have a marathon still to run but I hope to have enough time left to be able to walk if I need too.  Nothing is certain in Ironman but I will do the work needed to the best of my ability in the next 7 weeks so I have the best chance of completing this race, one km, one hour, one cut-off at a time.

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