Sunday, 2 August 2015

And that is a Wrap

Well that's a wrap, my final long training weekend for IMMT is done! Time to taper and get crazy! The weekend did not go exactly as planned but I am happy with the results and feel much better about my upcoming race.  I trained as hard as I could, I have not been perfect but who is but I know I did everything I could and on race day I will line up knowing I can do it.  It will not be easy, it will be incredible hard but I am ready.

This was a funny weekend, on Facebook you get an update with your memories and my memories reminded me that 3 years ago this weekend I did my first triathlon ever.  I trained hard but I got a DNF that day due to 2 flat tires.  I did not know how to change a flat tire at the time and after the second flat I called it a day, racked my bike and did the run anyway for experience.  Instead of giving up, I did something crazy, 2 weeks later while watching a friend do the Ironman at Mont Tremblant, I decided I would do that race as my 50th birthday challenge.  Now it is here, what was I thinking.

Friday we did a beach to beach swim, 3.8k non stop.  It was raining while we swam and at one part the waves were quite rough. It was a great experience, I did it slow and steady and I love my new sleeveless wetsuit.  We finished in 1:45, well under the time limit for IMMT so I have confidence in the bank for that part at least.  On Saturday we drove to Tremblant to bike for the day.  I wanted to do 160k in under 8 hours, I figure if I can do 160 today in that time I could probably do 180k on race day in the same time.  The first loop was great, 82K in 3:30, a bit slower then I wanted but it was windy and I was trying not to push too hard.  After a quick pit stop to restock my food I set out on my second loop.  Once I entered the highway portion I knew something was wrong with my back tire, it felt like it had a flat spot and every rotation I heard a noise.  Before I got too far out on the highway I decided to take a look and I found this beauty in my tire.

At least now I know how to change my tire

That meant my ride was done since I did not have spare tire, I could change the tube but I knew it would not hold with a hole in my tire.  I left the tack where it was and hoped I could make it back to the car before it went totally flat.  Thankfully it did and I racked my bike and changed for my run.  It was hot when I did my 5K run and I got back to the car just as Neale was heading out for his run.  As he left I watched the weather change and before I knew it we were in the middle of a thunder storm and downpour.  If I had stuck to my planned 160k ride, I would have been out in that and that could have been dangerous.  Instead of being annoyed that my ride was cut short, I was feeling lucky the Universe was looking out for me once again.  Neale finished his run and we headed home but we will be back in 2 weeks!

Today I did a run, I was suppose to do 20k but managed 18.5k.  I realized at about 14k I was not feeling well, it was hot and I was not properly fueled for the run.  I had missed my first gel and I could not catch up on my nutrition.  As well it is hard to eat enough after my long ride days to make up my calorie deficit and set me up for a good long run.  I knew there was nothing to be gained by pushing through and I was not the only one who felt that way, Neale Erica and Melissa also cut today's planned run short.  

One thing I have learned on this journey is to do the best I can with each training session and let it go, it is done and nothing I do will change it.  I learn what I need to for another day and move on. I have a lot of lessons in my bank to pull out on race day, my music free marathon, my DNF tri, lots of training sessions that sucked but also the ones that were fabulous.  I will also take the great workouts with me to remind me I can do this, I have trained enough and I am worthy.  

I would like to take one more thing with me on Aug 16th, a part of all of you who have followed me on this journey.  Please leave in the comments your best motivational quote so I can type them up and put them in my special needs bag to pull out as needed on the long run.  Don't make me cry I will need the energy and water for the run but give me a glimmer of light to cling too when times get tough.  I will put some in Neale's bag as well so if you have a message for him, please leave it as well.  Thanks you for motivating me on this journey, there will be many more but this one is the biggest so far.


  1. Actually, I get the best quotes from your sight! But I like "No, your legs aren't that tired, Yes, you can breathe, Keep Moving!!!" and " Suck it up, Buttercup!!" I will be following along if there is a tracker. Best of luck you'll do great!! -------- Denise

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  3. "Some people follow their dreams. Others beat them mercilessly into submission." That's you, Allyson. You've worked so hard to get here. Now this is your day. And you're almost there. Keep moving. Take the soup. Go get your medal. Before you know it you'll be hearing those sweet, sweet words. You Are An Ironman!!! (Kory)

  4. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  5. Okay I tried to post this once already ... trying again ... delete if somehow I've duplicated my posts...

    To quote a famous fish I know:

    "just keep swimming,
    just keep swimming,
    just keep swimming swimming swimming,
    what do we do we swim swim swim"

    also works well for spinning and running :)

    I used it for my race and all the riding up mountains I did - it's surprisingly effective.

    Anyway, you will kick ass and it will be amazing and you are an Iron(wo)man.

    Will be cheering for you from Nfld!!!!

  6. Best of luck, Allyson! You'll kick ass and take names.

  7. You're going to rock it Allyson! I'll be following along online praying for favourable winds, ideal weather, well-inflated tires and–most importantly–good health. Which brings me to my next point... DON'T DIE. We have one rule, don't break it.

    Good luck future Ironman, you're going to kill it - Charlie

  8. Not that you'll need motivation (you're one of the most driven people I know), but because you'll be on a long road for a very long time:

    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    That race won't know what hit it! You got this.