Sunday, 20 August 2017

Trail Running

So today I did something new, I did a trail run.  For the last 7 years, I have stuck to roads and never ventured onto a trail, in fact I even hate when I have to run on crusher dust during a road race.  All my friends that run trails said I would love it but I was not too sure but I went to support my coach Ray and to raise money for his charity impossible2possible. 

I have had a hard time finding my mojo since Ironman Canada 70.3, I had a cold for a week and generally feeling lazy so I had zero expectations before today's race. Anyway, who runs trails for the first time at a race...I do!  It was a 23k trail run, no small feat but compared to what others were doing it seemed small. My friend Leanne was doing 50k today and did 50k overnight for a total of 100k, that seems crazy to me.

I started out slowly, at the back of the pack and followed the lead of the runners ahead of me, if they walked up the hill, I did as well, if they were running, I ran too. It was quite enjoyable to start with but I found the footing difficult.  I usually make up ground on the down hills but today I could not as the rocks and tree roots made me worry about falling or twisting my ankle.  I hit the turn around just before the time I expected and headed back!  I knew the trip back would take longer and it did.  I did not have enough fuel with me either, I based my packing on a road half marathon, not a trail run and I now know I need more food :-)

I kept on running, walking the uphills but running the rest until the last 3k when I had to take a few extra walk breaks but all in all, I was happy with my first trail run.  Am I a new convert to trail running, nope.  I guess I am a triathlete at heart and I still prefer road to trail but I will probably get out on the trails again because my coach believes in them so much and I try to do what my coach tells me to much as possible.

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