Monday, 3 September 2012

Happy New Year- sort of

I love back to school time, for me it is like New Years all over again.  Even as a kid, I loved going back to school, I’m crazy, I know.  It’s like a fresh sheet of paper; yours to write on so why not make it count.  We all make New Year resolutions and how many times do we accomplish them?  It’s time for a do over, something you wanted to do this year and never got too, you still have time to get it done.  You want to start something new; it’s the perfect time as there are classes starting for everything. If you want to run an event next spring or do a triathlon, it’s also time to get started.  I have learned that anything worth doing takes time; we do not accomplish things over night so starting months in advance is a good plan…and so is making a plan. 

In this world of blogs and web sites, there are lots of resources to help us achieve our goals, whatever they are.  There is someone out there doing what you are doing, having the same problems and looking to connect with others…you just have to reach out and look for them.  I am in several Facebook groups, for scrapbooking, running, triathlons and losing weight and I follow several blogs, I love reading them and following their experiences.   Whatever you want to do, if you can dream it you can achieve it and there is someone there to help you get there.  For me it is to lose 25 more pounds, the extra five that crept back on since 2010 and 20 new ones and this time I know I can do it.   So Happy New Year…in September.

Blogs and websites I love…there are more but you get the idea.

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