Friday, 5 October 2012

What's next

So I finished the Army Run, what's next?  For me, my next race is the Disney Wine and Dine on Nov 10th.  It's a half marathon that starts at 10pm and we run through the Animal Kingdom and Epcot.  Once I am done, about 12:30am Sunday for me, we go to a food and drink expo at Epcot.  I am not sure how much wining and dining I will be doing at 12:30 am and the start time is my usual bed time but it should be fun.  I have my silver sparkle skirt and my new T-shirt and am planning to take lots of photos along the route.

I trained for 14 weeks for the Army Run so how do I train for a half in 6 weeks?  I bookmarked a site I found on the Bluenose site last May, a guy who lives in Halifax and does personalized running programs, Greg Wieczorek from Project PB.

Now I am not the greatest runner but I can follow a program when given one so I emailed Greg to see if he could help.  Within days a six week training program landed in my email inbox, just the plan to get me to Disney.  I like the program, a tempo run, a speed run, a long run and 2 easy runs, 5 runs a week and 2 days for cross training or resting (guess which I will be doing).

My first run back was the CIBC Run for the Cure in memory of my aunt Jeanne.  Jeanne died 16 years ago from breast cancer and I do this run every year in her memory.  I have run it in the sun and I have run it in the rain and cold and this year the rain did  not keep me or the other runners away.  It is a fun run, no timer, no stress, just a run to remember those who have passed and celebrate those who survive.  It is so nice to see the pink t-shirts of the survivors grow in number each year, it means we are making progress, slowly but moving forward just the same.

I feel that way about my running as well, I move forward, slowly but making progress along the way.  This week I am making progress on my new training program and staying within my Weight Watcher points, making small steps to the bigger step at a time.

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