Sunday, 28 October 2012

Going the Distance

Beat Beethoven

This is a run I wanted to do for the last 2 years but the timing was never right, it was not right this year but I was determined to do it anyway and make it work.  It was a cold windy morning when about 150 of us brave souls started the 8k run.  The theory of the run is to run 8K in less than 50 mins or the time it takes to play Beethoven’s 5th twice.  I really did not think I had a chance to beating Beethoven but who cared; I wanted to have a good run and test the legs out before Disney.  I was running with Darryl, a friend through a client and he is a faster runner then me.  I had been increasing running my distance without stopping for walk breaks and had hoped to do the first 4k nonstop and then take walk breaks.  It turns out Darryl had other plans and we kept running, and running and running, the whole 8K nonstop.  This was a first for me and so was the time, 8K in 49:50.  We managed to beat Beethoven, finishing before the 50 mins, I was so happy. 

Disney Wine and Dine

This was the long distance week in my half marathon training, an 18K run and a weekly total of 43K.  I was happy that I managed to do all the runs and survive; I feel like I got to the top of the mountain and am ready to descend.  Next week is almost a long a distance but with a 6 week training schedule you do not get the luxury of a 2 week taper, I get 5 days. 

I have noticed I am getting faster and stronger when I run which is nice.  I was a consistent 6:30/km runner and it had dropped to about 6:16/k, getting closer to me goal of a 30 min 5K and a 60 min 10K. I hurt less after my long runs and feel better after them, the tired grumpiness is gone and the runner high is there instead.  I feel better knowing that I can run the long distances, feel strong and finish strong.

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