Saturday, 3 November 2012

Follow the Leader

So the follower becomes a leader, sort of.  I agreed to be a group leader for the 10K clinic at the local Running Room.  I took the clinic twice and before I moved up to the half marathon clinic but before I moved up I told Stephanie I would love to help out in a future clinic.  The timing is perfect; it will keep me running 3 times a week after my Disney Half Marathon.  I start training with K2J in January so this is my last chance and I jumped at it.  I wanted to do this as a thank you to the group leaders who supported me over the last 2 years, without them it would not have possible to achieve my goals, they have been amazing.  Stephanie is another big reason I agreed to do this, she is one of the biggest reason I love running now.  She is one of those individuals who loves running and shares it with everyone and her enthusiastic attitude is infectious. I hope I can do justice to this and help share the love of running with others.

Last night was our first run, it was great and I had fun connecting with a new group of runners.  The ladies I was running with are new to the 10K clinic, one moving up from the 5K clinic, another is looking to run with a group for motivation the other has not run in a few years and wants to re-ignite her fitness routine.  I love being part of their journey; it should be a fun few months.  I have a support group as well, Losing it in Ottawa is a Facebook group I belong too, we support each other, offer encouragement, support and words of wisdom to each other.  They help keep me accountable and inspired and it is great to follow their journey.  We all need support and encouragement, not just in fitness but in life generally. 

This week I was selected to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador (SPA) as well.  SPA’s encourage and support others to be fit and healthy and achieve their goals.  Sometime next year I hope to plan a Sweat Pink event, something in my community to inspire my fitness friends and the community and I look forward to sharing that with you.  

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