Saturday, 12 January 2013

I'm Every Woman

Book Review of “Triathlon for the every woman”
       by Meredith Atwood aka SWIMBIKEMOM

So last June as I embarked on my triathlon journey a friend recommended a blog to me, read SWIMBIKEMOM Blog she said, she’s great.  At that point I was looking for a lifeline so I found her blog and started reading.  I cannot remember the first post I read but I do know I was hooked at hello.  I spent part of my summer going back and reading her blog from the beginning, I wanted to know how she began her journey.  As a newbie to triathlon I was an eager student of the sport, I read books and website, devouring all the info I could.  Instead of making me feel better, I felt worse.  What had I gotten myself into?   SWIMBIKEMOM was like me, she was real, she doubted herself and she kept moving forward because above all else she had DREAMS, big dreams and so did I.   I found a kindred spirit, a younger version of myself, the self I wish I had the courage to be 15 years ago but better late than never I guess.

When I heard Meredith was writing a book, I could not wait to read it.  I had a long wait however as the pre-orders were not being shipped to Canada and I had to send mine to my Mom in Florida and have it sent on to me from there (thanks Mom).   I started reading the book and once I started I did not want to stop.  I have read technical books on triathlons and nutrition so I know how to do a triathlon and what to do but all the books in the world cannot share with you a personal perspective.  Reading how Meredith made her decision to start, about  ‘The Fat Stranger” that stared back at her in the mirror and all herself doubt makes her real….just like every woman, just like me.   

If you are new to triathlon, this book will help you figure it all out, it can be confusing and there is a lot to learn.  The technical parts of doing a triathlon are well set out and the information provided by SWIMBIKEMOM and her experts will help you get started.  If you have done a triathlon or 2, there is information on training, the mental game and getting a coach that is helpful as you dream bigger dreams.   The biggest reason to read this book is Meredith herself, she shares every part of herself, nothing is off limits as she helps inspire you to get up off the couch and become the best person you can be and hopefully a triathlete as well.  Triathlons are not for everyone, it takes a special kind of crazy to sign up for all the training, to spend your weekends on long mind and butt numbing workouts and to say nothing of the costs involved.   If you decide you are just that kind of crazy, welcome to the tribe, we are crazy, we dream big dreams, bigger then we can even imagine and the journey is so worth it.  You will learn more about yourself along the way then you ever imagined, I know I have. 

The ending to her book is just perfect and since she is a lawyer and I do not want to get into copy write problems I will not share it but suffice it to say, once again she is right.  I am stronger then I can ever imagine and all I have to do is keep moving forward. 

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