Thursday, 2 May 2013

Next Stop Crazyville

So I had a full blown panic attack this morning trying to pack for my race this weekend in Toronto.  I have to take everything I might need and that is not easy.  What to wear Friday and Saturday, what sandals to wear that will not cause blisters, I need a pedicure, compression socks or not on race day which is now going to be warm and were the heck are my arm warmers, I have not seem them since my Disney run last November.  I was in quite the state so I reached out to my friends in a Facebook group and dumped it all there before I went for my scheduled 45 min slow run (I did it slow, I promise).   45 mins later I felt calmer and came back to an inbox of great advice from my peeps.    Pre-race jitters was the verdict and I worked hard and it would all come right race day, exactly what I needed to hear.  A few wise friends reminded me that 6 weeks ago, I was not even running and thought I would have to walk this race.  Now I am running, running long and fast and feel great.  Thinking about this helped remind me why I am running this weekend, I am running for Team Diabetes. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my youngest son and was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.  Running has helped me reduce this risk but some of my closest friends have not been that lucky and Sunday I am running for them and other.  I have written the name of my friends and a few other friends family members on the inside of my top to remind me why I am doing this, I also have BOSTON in big letters  to remember those who died or were injured  on April 15th.  Whatever happens on Sunday, I am running for the right reason and that is all that matters.  Next stop Crazyville...I mean Toronto.

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