Thursday, 16 May 2013


For years I have avoided Yoga, I swore it was not for me, no reason but not my thing. So how did I end up here on Wednesday?
Parliament Hill

You will have to trust me that I was there with my friends, I am behind the guy in blue who had obviously done it before, unlike me.  I do not know the difference between my warrior 1 and warrior 2 pose or my left from my right apparently either, but I was on Parliament Hill doing yoga for the first time in the rain.  Parliament Hill, the home of our government, where Stephen Harper rules with an iron fist, where Justin Trudeau tries to hide from the ghost of his father and Senators fiddle expense claims.  Every Wednesday this hallowed ground becomes a yoga studio for anyone who is interested in stretching muscles they never knew they had.  All in all it was not bad, I did not make a total fool out of myself and other then the balancing poses I managed to do them all.  So next Wednesday I will be there again, stretching the muscles I mistreat with all my running, cycling and swimming, trying to look like I belong.

This weekend I am running in my old hometown, Halifax NS.  Last year was the first time we ran the Bluenose and let's just say, Hills 1, Runners 0.  We are back this year to try again, 10K of hills and bridges await us, and apparently colder temperatures.  I love running with some of my high school friends and their friends.  My friend Jenny runs with a group, a group of "Sole Sisters" who encourage each other and train to run together at various races each year.  Running with friends is the best part of running, they help you through the bad runs and are there to celebrate the good runs.  On Sunday night we will celebrate together again, it was one of my favorite parts of last years run.  I am looking forward to joining Jenny and her friends Sunday night. The opening party is at my running buddy Roy's, another great party to celebrate our run.

last year after race party at Jenny's

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