Sunday, 9 June 2013

Boston Strong and Devotion

So this week I bought a copy of People magazine, something I usually do not do.  I did so to read about some of the Boston bombing survivors and how they were coping after they lost a leg or legs.  If I ever feel bad about my life, I just need to read this article again.  These people are so strong and determined to regain their lives and try to get back normal, or as close as they can.  One lady was a professional ballroom dancer and hopes to dance again with her artificial leg.  She also wants to run the Boston marathon next year and I hope she gets that wish.  They all feel blessed to be alive and sad that someone would do this but no bitterness about why this happened to them, they are true heroes.  I am sure they have bad days, we all do but their spirit is shining bright and strong and a guiding light to us all.  

I recently read "Devoted: The Story of a Father's Love for his Son" by Dick Hoyt, he is another bright light in the world.  He and his wife raised their oldest son who was born a spastic quadraplegic.  The doctors said to put him in an institution but they refused and fought to get him educated and integrated into society. One day, Rick asked his father if they could enter a running race to raise funds for someone who was in a wheelchair and he agreed.  What happened next changed direction of their lives and turned into one of the most amazing tests of strength and love I have ever seen.  Together Rick and Dick Hoyt have completed marathons, triathlons and Ironman events.  They have qualified for Boston based on Rick's age, not Dick's and completed the Kona Ironman Triathlon.  They have had success and failure and keep on trying to show that you can achieve anything, no matter your ability or disability.  If you do not know who Dick and Rick Hoyt are, please watch this You Tube video and be amazed. 

We all have challenges in life, we all fall or get knocked down, it is how we respond and what we do next that show our true character.  Will we give in or get up, brush ourselves off and get back to business, I know how I choose to live my life.  I have brushed myself off more times then I can count and I will continue to do so because people like this do not give up and give in and if they can keep going, I have no excuse that would ever be good enough.  

Someone posted this on a friends Facebook page, I love this video and I share it with you as inspiration or motivation, whichever you need. Enjoy

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