Friday, 21 June 2013

Racing the Train

So Saturday night I have my first Triathlon of the season, a sprint tri in Smith Falls.  Last year a sprint tri in Ottawa was my first tri attempt and I got a DNF...I do not want another one.  Last year it was bike failure that caused my downfall and the bike is good to go and so am I , I think. Training has been going fine but I need to get the negative thoughts out of my brain, that I can actually do this event and I am not doomed to repeat the same finish.  Well, this is what I know for sure...I can do this and even if I have to run pushing my bike in, I will finish because I am a stronger athlete this year then last year, stronger physically and mentally.  

I have a few new things to worry about this time according to the event newsletter.

The cycle course travels on Jasper Ave. in Smiths Falls, and along Jasper Highway to Jasper and back.  The Avenue is NOT closed to motor vehicles, as local residents are allowed on Jasper Ave (they have to be able to get home!).  It will be closed to ‘through’ traffic, however.  Jasper Highway is an open road, shared with motor vehicles.  You must ride according to the Highway Traffic Act at all times – not doing so risks disqualification.  There will be a police officer at either end of the Highway to allow turning. 

During the event, the cycle portion may be interrupted for very short periods by the VIA passenger trains to and from Toronto-Ottawa. However, we have made accommodation for this, if cyclists are interrupted for any length of time.

So now I just have to worry about not becoming a hood ornament for a car or a train!    

Anyway, what will be will be and I will have a race report on Sunday unless I hop that train to part unknown.


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