Sunday, 8 November 2015

Cross Roads

So, I have had a few great weeks of training, I did a great 10k race and a hilly half marathon in Gatineau Park last Saturday.  Let talk Rattle Me Bones 10K first.  So I have wanted to do this race for a few year, last year it was cancelled so when a friend offered me he bib, I jumped at the chance. On Saturday Neale did his first trail 10k and on Sunday I got to run my 10k.  It was overcast and warmer on Sunday so last minute I mad my decision on what to wear and headed off to the race.  I had originally hoped to try for a PB but I ran a fast 20k on Saturday after I got back from Neale's race.  I knew a PB would not happen so I decided to aim for 58 mins.  It was windy and we had drizzle for part of the race but all in all I was happy with my run and time 58:14.  I definitely would like to do this race again next year.

Last Saturday I did the MEC half marathon, I did the race last year and I decided to do it again. This race is hilly and I was not racing it, I was doing it as a training run. My friend Anita had to pull out but I ran with Kristina and Leanne and we managed to stay together, or at least near each other for the race and we finished hand in hand.  It was a great race, I handled the hills well and I was happy with the run.  Will I do the run again next year, probably.

Today I did my last long run before my marathon. I was not looking forward to doing the run on my own, 34k alone with my head can be problematic.  I planned my route and I figured it would take 4 hours and I headed out at 7am.  I was still fighting my desire not to do the run after 12k and as I stood at the corner of Bearbrook Rd and St Joseph Blvd, in my head the corner of I Don't Want to do This Rd and Suck it Up Buttercup Blvd I decided to stop thinking and to just run. The next 14k went really well and I truly enjoyed the run.The last 8k was harder and my pace dropped but I finished within my planned time and distance.  It was a great fall day to run, I am slightly worried about the Florida heat on raceday but I will deal with that when I need too.

Last night I heard Ray Zahab speak again at a fundraising event for his charity i2p.  Christopher McDougall was the other speaker and while I had not read his book, Born to Run I am looking forward to reading it soon.  It was a great night of inspiration and I know it helped me on today's run. Three weeks until Spacecoast Marathon and I am so ready!

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