Sunday, 18 October 2015

Winter is Coming

So it happened today, the dreaded S word was uttered during my run...SNOW!!!  The one thing living in Ottawa is you have to embrace winter, its here for at least 5 months so you have no choice.  I have been gradually increasing my running in the winter, running in the snow and cold longer but I do have my limits. A few days ago, my hubby said he knew what to get me for Christmas, running snowshoes.  My first thought was no way, I am not doing that, are you crazy but I have warmed to the idea a bit.  I was thinking of adding cross country skiing to my winter training not snowshoe racing.  We have lots of skiing trails in Gatineau Park that I think would be cool to explore and while I know it is not, skiing seems more relaxing then snowshoe racing. I am sure this winter I will do a bit of both and maybe I can pick a clear favorite.

Today I did my longest run of my marathon training, 34k.  I ran 5k to the Running Room at 6:15 pace and then did 29k at 6:44 pace with my friend Kory.  It was nice to run with Kory, I have not really talked much with her since IMMT and we managed to fill the hours easily with talk to races, life and cooking.  I have the greatest running and triathlon friends and by the end of the run we were ready to sign my hubby, her hubby and herself up for a marathon next fall with a back up in case they don't get in.  Luckily Neale agreed that he would be game for it if they did get in and I would be happy to go as the cheer squad, the other option has a half for me but I am doing a 70.3 on Sept 18th so I am happy not to race if they get in.

I almost have a race plan for 2016, a few more details to work out but it is coming together nicely.  A few half marathons, a Half Iron distance race or maybe two and some shorter distance races for fun.  I am just trying to decide if I am going back to Musselman to do the half for redemption or not. Last year the heat and hills on the run course beat me so I have to decide how much I want a do over. I am doing Barrelman on Sept 18th and the Cornwall tri Olympic distance unless it ends up as the same weekend as IMMT.  I want to go back and volunteer again this year, I love the race and I want to give back to all the awesome volunteers who where there for me this year.

Today Neale and I are getting some photos taken since we never did get any photos together after IMMT.  I would like just one photo of us in our finisher t shirts, with our medals where I do not look like death warmed up.  I am so lucky to have an Ironman/marathoner spouse who gets me and understands why I do these crazy things.  He has crazy plans of his own for the next few years and I can not wait to support him as he supports me in my crazy ideas, like suicide week but more to come on that later :-)

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