Friday, 1 April 2016

Around and Around the Bay We Go Again

Happy wait I am sure it is spring.  I know it is Spring as I am deep into tax season and not blogging much but this too shall pass.  I am off to Hamilton Ontario this weekend to run the Around the Bay Road Race, the oldest road race in Canada and older than Boston (their tag line).  This year I swore I would not run more than a half marathon distance so I am doing half the 30k as the first part of a 2 person relay team.  My relay partner, Anita, actually has a 30k run on her schedule for Sunday so she will run the first half with me and then the last half on her own.  The weather forecast is terrible, cold, windy and possibly snow for Sunday but I am determined to have fun because last year the race was a disaster.

Last year I had the flu but my coach told me to run and run I did...for the first half anyway and then I hit the wall hard and walked in the last 12 km.  Not the best coaching advice I ever got but I did my best and tried.  This year I want to have fun and one day I will go back to do the full 30k and high five the  Reaper but not this year.

So this year I will run in my matching outfit with Anita, have some fun and try to forget about last year.  Our team name is Burgundy and Chardonnay so we will live up to our team motto at any now, drink later.  Enjoy your running and training and I will touch base soon, as long as the Reaper does not get me.

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