Sunday, 10 April 2016

Leading and Learning

It is a sunny but cold Sunday here in Ottawa but I headed out early for my 18k run and it was wonderful.  We had snow during the week and winter is holding on and I was not looking forward to running in -11 this morning. It was not too windy and I quickly warmed up and ran well, 10k to the Running Room and then another 8.5k with the 10k clinic.

I am really enjoying leading the 10k clinic, we are a big group of about 30 runners and love having the chance to share my knowledge and joy of running with them.  As in any  large group we have
 many different backgrounds and experiences, some fast, some not as fast, some who have run further, some who are new to this distance but we all support and encourage each other.  I really enjoyed today, waiting for the groups to come in and seeing the smiles on their faces as they finished.  Everyone had a smile on their face, we offered high fives to each other and special congratulations to those who ran their new longest distance.  I might be leading the clinic but I am learning so much from this group, so much about heart and determination, about never giving up after injury and how to write better directions so people don't get lost...oops.

Last week I had a great run in Hamilton at Around the Bay and while I did not PB the first 15k I came darn close even though it was not about time.  I have struggled with consistence this winter and was worried that my speed was not where it should be but I managed to beat my goal pace and whatever happens in Mississauga will happen.  I really want to break 2 hours for a half marathon but I think that will be a fall goal, my goal for May 1st is to run a good solid consistent race and try to run a negative split, something I have not yet managed to do.

Ottawa Race Weekend is quickly approaching and I am so happy to be part of Team Awesome!  Whatever distance you run, be proud of your accomplishment, you are a runner so be the best runner you can be, your speed, your race...just do it.

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