Saturday, 7 May 2016

What did I just do

Tax season is finally over and I am beginning to have a life again! Every year I think it is the worst year every but Facebook memories reminds me that it was always this bad.  In a way it is like running a marathon, at some point during the run you swear you are never doing another but soon after you find yourself signing up for another one.

I swore I was not running a marathon this year but I find myself running 3 in less than 100 did that happen! The first was not my fault...really,  I was going to sign up for the Space Coast Half Marathon but it sold out in 4 mins!  I registered for the marathon because I wanted to go run with Kate and figured I could take the option to stop at the halfway point (its called the "wormhole") or if I was feeling good I could continue as part of my Dopey training.  

Then I signed up for the Dopey in Jan 2017 so since it was in 2017 I did not break my promise, it was not a marathon in 2016.  Neale is hoping to qualify for Boston and was looking for a fall marathon and the Wineglass was still open. The half marathon was full so if I wanted to run it would have to be the marathon and I said sure, sign me up.  Maybe it was the tax season haze, maybe it was due to lack of sleep but I now find myself doing an Olympic triathlon, a half marathon and a marathon in less than a month and three marathon in less than 100 days that includes the Dopey. The Dopey is a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon and a marathon on 4 consecutive days.  Barbara and I are also thinking about doing a 10k and half marathon the next weekend in Disneyland to make that about 109.4 km in 11 days, 10 medals, coast to coast!

I was starting to panic a bit so I sat down the other night to schedule it all.  I am leading the half marathon clinic this summer for the Army Run half marathon so I am locked into those workouts but I managed to fit it all in using a 2 week training cycle.  Taking my coaching course has been a huge help in scheduling my workouts and listening to my needs.  I am not following a tradition marathon training plan this summer, my longest run will be 20k but I am doing back to back runs every weekend and every other weekend three consecutive runs. I am hoping this works the way I want it to, I guess we will see on Oct 2nd.

Next up is the 10k for the Ottawa race weekend and I can't wait!

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