Thursday, 30 August 2012

Extreme Makeover- Life Edition

I have a confession to make, I love watching EM- Weight Loss Edition.  I love to see these people transform their lives by losing a huge amount of weight over a year and changing their life.   We do not become overweight in a year and the thought that you can make a decision to change your life so drastically is amazing.  It also helps to remind me that even though I did not lose hundreds of pounds, I too made that decision, lost a lot of weight and regained my life, a happier, healthier life. 

The decision to start was in a way the easy part, one photo that showed me what the world saw and I refused too.  

I had no idea that day, June 1, 2009, that I would be starting one of the hardest things I would ever do and the most rewarding.  On May 30, 2010, I was 70 lbs lighter and walking a half marathon for the first time, both unthinkable a year before.  

I remember every km of that first half marathon, I cried the whole last km, tears of joy that I had done it!  

Looking forward a year seems like such a long period of time but it goes by in a flash and if you do not pay attention you will blink and miss it.  Fast forward 2 more years, the weight is still gone, well except for a few pounds (about 5) and I am training to run my first half marathon.  I have done several 5K and 10K races, even an 8K race in a kilt, I have run in +40 and -30, in the sun, in the rain, the snow and the hail.

Running is not natural to me, I have to work at it daily, commit to it and get it done, no excuses.  When we make a big decision, making it is can be the easy part, showing up; every day is the hard part.  There is no easy pill, no fairy God-mother that can do the km and hard work for us, it’s all up to’s our life.


  1. AMAZING!! and the really amazing part is that you have kept it off, that this has become a lifestyle for you :) Not only a weight loss, but the FEATS you have accomplished athletically! I share a similar type of journey having lost just over a 100 pounds in about 2.5 years...I ran my first full marathon in May...a life long dream..literally written down in my diaries again and again, but something that I thought was lost to me 100 pounds set to run my 2nd of 3 marathons because I am hooked! Its amazing what your mind can do, its your mind working HARD each time you get out there. Wishing you an amazing up coming run, maybe our paths will cross in Sept...will be sending you happy running feet :) RUN HAPPY :)

    1. Way to go, both for the weight loss and the marathon, it's still on my bucket list. I am always amazed how much we can accomplish once we decide to do it. Happy running to you too.