Saturday, 11 August 2012

This girl just wants to have fun

Well it was back to running training this week, the half marathon is getting closer so it's more miles on my legs, less on my wheels, anyway the bike was in the shop being fixed until Thursday.  I made up my LSD run on Monday, 14K and ran a quick wet 5K tempo on Tuesday. Yes I said wet, after a dry hot July, the first full  week of August was wet with 4 straight days of rain.  Today, Saturday, I joined a group of five other ladies for our 16K run, this would be the first time I did this distance and I was happy to get it over with.  Last Saturday I ran in sun and 40C temps and today it was overcast and 19C, it was a welcome change.

It was a fun group to run with, I had a great time and it reminded my what I love about my running clinic and how much I missed it. I did all my Tri training on my own and quite a few of my runs in the last few weeks were solo and I missed the fun of running with a group.  Since I do not have a traditional job, I do not get the daily interaction of colleagues and most of my human contact is on Facebook or by text.  In the 2 + hours it took us to run the 16K, we shared our week, running adventures, summer holiday plans and traded running advice.  I found out another runner writes 2 blogs and went to a convention for Bloggers, who knew there was such a thing.  I heard about the Graffiti Me 5K Run the day before the Army Run (still thinking about it) and a few of the ladies were doing it as a warm up to the half the next day.  Before I knew it we had run 16.5K and I survived, my longest distance to date and more important enjoyed it.  Today reminded me why I started to run in the first place and I thank my fabulous running buddies for that.  I now feel energized for the next 6 weeks of running...

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