Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Words I Hate

A mid week post, I must have something to rant about.  I have been reading some new blogs and have been on some new Facebook group pages which I love.  Reading other peoples blogs are so inspiring and humbling, and Facebook groups are awesome.  I was having an exchange with one FB group member and she said she was just doing a Try-a-Tri next year when I asked what distance she was doing .  I heard myself telling her what everyone said to me all summer when I said the exact same thing...there is no such thing as just or only..I also say I only run 10K and not marathons like my husband.  We all do the best we can and should be proud of what we accomplished or hope to accomplish.  In 2009 I weighted over 220lbs and if anyone told me I would be training for my first half marathon and doing Triathlons I would have laughed in their face, loudly.

Another word I hate is DNF-did not finish... OK it is 3 words but you get my drift. I read a post by one blogger how her husband asked her for a divorce and she realized she did not want a DNF for her marriage.  Another blogger had a post about what she says when people ask her how many marathons she ran, she got a DNF for her second one.  We all get DNF's in our life, it's how we deal with them that counts.  The first blogger and her husband are working it out, he does not want a DNF either, the second blogger went on to run 3 more marathons.   I got a DNF  in 1987 when I failed Statistics and did not get my university degree but went back in 2005 and finally passed it and got my degree.  I got a DNF in my first Triathlon but I am going to be there to try again...and again and again if I need to.

Everything we do is important and deserves to be treated as such so I have decided that 'just' and 'only' belong in the dictionary and not my vocabulary and DNF really means Did Not Fail...because I had the courage to start.

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