Thursday, 22 March 2012

It has to start somewhere

So I all started like so many things do with trying to help a friend out of rut last fall.  Why don't we set a big goal, I said, lets run a half marathon in the fall of 2012, we don't have to run all of it, maybe half and we can walk the rest.  Who was I kidding, I had walked a half marathon once before and it's hard work, run one, forget it.  I was fairly sure I would get turned down, boy was I wrong.  Now I was committed to running a half marathon, something I swore I would never do.  Well it's a year away, lots can happen, nothing to worry about now.  I started my 10K training course and concentrated on that.  I found out that I actually like running a little bit more then I thought and really enjoyed running with others.  I started to look forward to my running group and even the run itself.   Fast forward to March and I am starting training or my next 10K race and the half marathon is getting closer and closer, six months away.  I paid my entrance fee so I can't back out now, I even registered to do a sprint triathlon in another fit of madness.   I am sure this will be an interesting 6 months, hopefully we will get to the finish line.

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